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7 Reasons why I got rid of my glasses

By March 11, 2020 March 17th, 2020 No Comments

Author: Dr Val Phua MBBS, MMed (Ophth), FRCOphth, FAMS

I have always needed to wear glasses to see clearly due to myopia, otherwise my world would be a constant blur. Here are 7 reasons why i decided to move on and leave them to a distant memory.

  1. They fog up when enjoying my cup of hot coffee and repeatedly blinds me.
  2. They don’t sit well during any form of exercise or play.
  3. They shatter with accidental trauma.
  4. I need glasses to find my glasses when they are misplaced.
  5. They cause pain over the nose bridge when worn for some time.
  6. They cause anxiety and waste precious time on holidays when broken overseas.
  7. They get smudged and require frequent cleaning.

I decided that enough was enough and took that step of faith to say goodbye and I have never looked back. I have come full circle and it is my privilege now to bless others with the same freedom that was given to me many years ago. Let me walk with you on your eye care journey.

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